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Private Events

You've worked hard to put an event together, whether it's a family celebration, a corporate function, or something else entirely! 

Wedding / Bnei Mitzvah

Let us be a part of your special day. We will start filming long before the first guests arrive, because the preparations are half the fun! We'll capture the big speeches and we'll try our best to catch the tender in-between moments. Then we'll deliver the final video in an unlisted YouTube video, so the only people to see it will be the ones you share it to.

Corporate Event

For your event, we will arrive early to make sure we get the best angle, assess lighting, and work around your existing setup. We will film the presentation and impromptu moments, then deliver the recording so you can share with others or keep it for posterity. We can also incorporate presentation videos and slides into our recording (not just filming the screen!)

*Due to the nature of our clients' private events, we do not share the videos publicly. However, if you reach out to us we're happy to talk about what we can do and how we can deliver what you need!

Let’s Talk

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